Hi, GitHub!

I thought you might want to know a little bit more about me than what’s on my application, and wanted to showcase a few of the things I’ve been working on. So I put together this little page that sums up a few things about me.

Who are you?

I’m Kyle Macey. I grew up in rural upstate New York. I’ve been a sous chef, a world karate champion, and a farm hand. I’ve been a web developer professionally for 5 years, and have been freelancing for 8. I’m married with no children (yet?) and have two cats.

I like using Ruby for most of my projects, but am also familiar with a variety of other languages and platforms. I have done work with Javascript, Cordova, Coldfusion, PHP, Python, and have even dabbled in Android development.

Why do you want to work at GitHub?

GitHub really shares a lot of the values that I hold. I believe in fostering good software development practices, to always be growing, and to have fun doing what I love to do. GitHub would face me with new and exciting challenges to always keep me learning, and hold me to a standard that would make me proud as a developer to adhere to. Also, on a more shallow note, HQ 3.0 looks pretty sexy.

What would you see yourself doing at GitHub?

Well, I was introduced to the Implementations Specialist job by Nathan Henderson and was immediately intrigued. Though for a long time, I’ve primarily considered myself a developer, I’m not afraid to branch out into other areas. The ideas of traveling and working with customers directly again excite me, and I feel like my experience in IT and DevOps could really add a bit to the team. And since I’m a developer myself, I feel like I can have good input on what a good solution really is when implementing a product like GitHub Enterprise.

What are you doing now?

As a developer, I’ve shifted my focus from just being a better coder to include improving myself philosophically as a contributor. There will always be new technologies, and new problems, and new companies, but I want to spend some time focusing on growing as someone that can propose appropriate, elegant solutions while working in any sort of scenario. I’ve started researching more about different styles of development, how to interact with product owners, and immersed myself into startup culture. Before a single line of code is written, before the first scrum meeting, before you even shake hands, you have to be someone who will make the best decisions for the product and the business.

In my personal life, I’ve taken up learning bartending. It’s a profession that’s always fascinated me and appeals to my desire to build things that are enjoyed by other people. As a product developer, I don’t often get to see the users’ reactions to the things I build, and making cocktails allows the “user” to admire the craft itself as well as the product. Though I may not pursue bartending as a career, the learning process and making drinks for my friends has been wildly enjoyable.


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